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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Job shadowing Info graphic Florist Hours Per WeekShe said generally she will works 20 plus hours a week it just depends on her demand or the amount of time she wants to put in. Work experience She used to be a secretary/ book keeper, she is also currently a bus driver while also running her floral arrangement business. Education BackgroundThe person that I shadowed is a high school graduate, but she also has a general business degree. Pay Normally she pays herself 3 times the cost of the materials she uses for each arrangement. Which includes flowers, vases, ribbons, and sometimes balloons. Average DayYou must keep your flowers fresh; by knowing when they arrived and when they need to be thrown out. You also need to remember your holidays and get your prices for early ordering. You should start your day by filling the orders you have then deliver. Then when the day is over you should clean up and reorder what you need. Why This ProfessionShe started this business because she needed money to help pay for her daughters tuition during college and because the local florist had recently closed so she wouldn't have any competition. She also wanted to be her own boss and she has just kept running it to this day. When she opened she had been a secretary and she is currently a bus driver. Extra Things You can work this job at many paces, it depends on your word of mouth advertising and your works appearance. FutureThe person I shadowed believes that there will always be a need for a florist, because of weddings, and funerals need for flowers. But she says the business is slowing because the economy has reduced the number of people buying flowers. Most DifficultThe most difficult part of her job is when she has to purchase holiday flowers. She always tries to get the best price but its hard when she has no idea what kinds of sales they may be having. Skills NeededShe uses both writing and math in her profession to keep her books and figure out prices. She also says you should be able to deal with people, and should try to satisfy your customers. AdviceShe said Quote " you must have a like of art and nature. You should also know the area where you plan to have the shop, you must have demand. Interesting and Rewarding She says that the most interesting part is her own creativity and what she can create. The most rewarding part is being able to see the smiles and the joy that she brings to a persons when they receive their arrangement. BenefitsHer business does not offer anything other than what she needs such as health insurance, her vehicle for deliveries, and her savings. Since she owns the business she can take a vacation whenever. 3 Important TraitsYou should have some sort of artistic ability, the ability to deal with the demand, and initiative to get things done. Why This JobShe hasn't had any lower position in this business because she is the founder and only employee.She has received no training or been part of any continuing education in her line of work. She did not go to school for this job it is just something that she saw a need for.
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