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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 CONS PROS vs Hydro-fracking givesvery good jobs to people. Hydro-fracking has thepotential to drasticallyreduce our reliance onforeign imports Depending on thecompany,natural gas of hydro-frackingcosts less than oil Hydro-fracking reducescarbon dioxide emissions based on the emissions from less advanced ways of retrieving gas. PROS CONS double click to change this title text! Hydro-fracking can give you cancer Hydro-fracking can contaminateyour water The natural gas can polute the air The muddy well sites of hydro-frackingwill threaten the finger Lakes' reputation for pristine beauty Fracking is when you put a drill bit on the end of a drill and bore a holeinto the ground.Then, a wide pipe is inserted into the hole.Next,cementis pumped around the pipe to prevent gas leaks from contamination underground water sources.After that, preforating and and fracturing happens. Lastly, gas flows up the well to the surface. Hydro-fracking is to get natural gasinstead of oil out of the ground. Even though there are a lot of ways that hydro-fracking can be good, there are also a lot of ways that hydro-fracking can be very bad for your health and it can contaminate your water and air and it can give you cancer that can make you die.So honestly I really don't know what to consider because there are so many pros and cons of hydro-fracking. Jordan Flynn
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