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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 The hero's journey Ordinary world call to adventure refusal of the call meeting the mentor crossing the threshold test, allies, and enemies innermost cave supreme ordeal reward/boon the road back resurrection return with reward boon Anti-hero:The anti-hero is someonewho takes the role of the hero, but really isn't the first choice for the job and at most time thetenth choice. The anti-hero is someone who really question what herois and what they do and how they should act. Hero:A hero is someone who protect the good and weakand protect truth and jutsice. He is mainly at alltimes unrivialbly strong and indestructbile and is their to always save the day. The hero always wins and he is able to stay with the path he has choose. Tragic Hero:A tragic hero is someone for high or noble birth. The tragic hero has a fatal flawthat will most likely lead to his downfall, and he/she will learn how that flaw lead to his downfall. The audience will also fell pity or sadness for the herowhen he falls. What makes a tragic hero Hamartia: the flaw or weakness the hero has that will eventually casue his down fall Hubris: The hero's pride or ego Peripeteia: A change in the hero's life Anagnorisis: When the hero finds out something important Nemesis: the hero's greatest enemy Catharsis: the fall of the hero when the audience feels badfor the hero. How to write an essay The first part is the Intro and it has three parts The first part is the Hook something to get the reader insterseted about The second part it the background infromation where write about yourtopic. the last part is the thesisyour resaon for writing the essay. The next part is writitng the body form of your paragraph which you willhave to repeat three times and it has 6-8 steps The first part is the topicsentenceand it should be to the point of your thesis The second part is the evidencepart where you have scientific poof orany kind of poof to support your statement The third part is the commentarypart in which you wirte your ownpersonal opinion on the matter you are writing about The next two parts you canchoice to do part two and threeagain if you feel like it or skip itand go to the next part The next part it the counterpoint in which you address and issues that someone may have aboutyour opinion The next next part is the rebuttal where you respond to the counterpoint and makeit seem completely useless The finla part of your bodyparagraph that makes itfinish The last part of writing an esaay is the concluding paragraph and that has six parts to it. The first part is the restatement of thesisin which you restate your resaon for writing this essay The next second to fourth partis restatement of main points andis best to write this part out byusing the topic sentences of yourbodyparagraphs The next part is the generallyrestate counterpoint rebuttalis where you pick one of thecounterpoint s and rebuttals andrestate them The last part is the call to actionwhere you write about howimportant your thesis is and howpeople should believe in it
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