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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Jersey Boys DONATE SHOP WITH PURPOSE. keep your eyes USE SOCIAL MEDIA fundraise participate in benefit runsand walks donate Blog pRAY Pin write a letter to a survivor invite a speaker Copyright Delicate Fortress Creations Genre: Musical Director: Clint Eastwood On Theater: June 18, 2014 Stars: Frankie Valli, Bob Gaudio, Tommy DeVeto, and Nick Massi Summary: This story is real, the story is started at since 1951.The story had a band named Four Seasons, is the four poor persons got famous and also is talking about Frankie Valli own story.In the Four Seasons they have a lot of good songs, like: Sherry, Big Girls don't Cry, Walk Like A Man. It a famous band.Two years later, Nick Massi and Tommy DeVeto are left a band, because they always go to bet and smoke every day, so they wanted to find a new job that can have more money, they needed to pay 100000.When Frankie Valli knew that happend, he decided he wanted to help his friends.Frankie Valli he saved a money and he do help them solve a question.In 1990, 25 years, they had meet again and sing for the last time. Your Comment: I think this movie is good, because Frankie Valli helped his friends. The most important thing is telling you need to cherish your time when you are live that all the things you done. Characters cast: Frankie" John Lioyd YoungBob" Erich BegenTommy" Vincent PiazzaNick" Michael Lomenda
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