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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Mathew and Claire had to deal with a parent worst fear...seeing their kid die " I wondered again, how far would a parent go to save their child?" - Mary E. Pearson What are your parents capable of? Claire Jenna wakes up from a coma and starts to figure out everyting about her past, and about the reason her parents let her survive. Matthew Fox Jenna Bio gel was the only solution for Jenna´s survival. Science Fiction 1st persondialogues Near future CA What are parents capable of doing? - Based on The adoration of Jenna Fox AllysAntagonist Ethan Lily "The Room is small, and Icould almost spend my arms and touch each wall"(Pearson, 2008, pg 66) Jenna´s parents went through a situation that every parent fears: their kids death. Claire and Matthew risked their life´s in order to save Jenna´s. Imágen tomada de: Imagen tomada de: tomada de: Imagenes tomadas de 25 de 2015 Imagen tomada de: tomada de: Imagen tomada de: Imagen tomada de: Imagen tomada de: ( 2011, september 29). The Adoration of Jenna Fox book Trailer By Mary E. Pearson. Retrieved from: Pearson, M. (2008). The adoration of Jenna Fox.New York: Henry Holt. "You can pull an opinionfrom it without your heart exploding" (Pearson, 2008, pg 143) Will it everexist? María Peñalosa Gabriela Casasbuenas 9c
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