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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 The adoration of Jenna Fox PROPOSAL ORDERS Thesis Support Through Litery Elements direct demands Secondary Topic INDEPENDENCE Main Topic Character Analysis getting the upper hand to advance in the food chain Jenna wakes up from a year in a coma with no memorieswhatsoever. In the urge to remember and to find her identity she discovers she is a biologically engineered version of her old self made of bio-gel to keep her alive. Summary: Jenna Fox wakes up from a year in a coma, without a clue about who she was, and feeling completely different to everyone else. Thesis Statement:Parents would kill, die and even commit a crime against humanityin order to save their most precious thing: their daughter or son. Thesis support: -“Father jumps in. you´ve done nothing wrong. What we´ve done is illegal. So, yes, that´s one of the reasons we´re here”” pg 127-“”We did what any parent would do. We saved you pg128 Referencias:-Easelly. (2014) Recuperado el 24 de enero del 2015 deágenes tomadas de:, M. (2010). The adoration of Jenna Fox. New York: Henry Holt and CompanyVideo-Video recuperado de: el 24 enero del 2015 Main character:Jenna Fox Antagonist:Allys Secondary Characters: Jenna´s parents Lily Ethan Dane Mr. Bender Gabriel Referential Characters:FSEBKara and Locke Secondary topic: Medical advances and the loss of humanity in the excessive science. Main Topic: Trailer of the movie: What parents would do to keep their child or children alive. Book genre: Science fiction Time: Approximately 2040 Setting: Jenna´s house in California She moves to California with her parents to restart her life where found love a the true about herself.
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