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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Pedal Harp Change In Sound Background Amplification Extra Materials Famous People Sound The pedal harp was and is used by famous people like 19 century composers Wagner and Tchakovsky, Marie Antoinette, Harpo Marx The harp makes sound by the stringsbeing plucked or strummed. When the strings are moved they vibrateagainst the soundboard (top of harp). Air within the soundboard moves withthe vibrations causing the sound. Thestrings are color coded depinding on the thickness, length, and sound theymake. The pedal harp is one of the oldest insturmets. It is in the strings category and is related to the piano, and other hand played string instruments.the harp plays piano notesIt is used in the orchestra. When the tension in the string changes by tuning it the soundfor each string changes. When the length of the string changes the vibration and sound change the air between the areas on the harp move and whip cause sound to be high or low depending on the amount of movement. The pedals on the harp change the sound too. Pedal A causes a flat/deeper sound of the string.Peddal B (middle) causes 1/2 half note higher, natural sound. PedalC makes the sharp sounds. Each pedal also changes length and tension in the strings making the pitches change. - body is made from willow, birch, pine, spruce, and maple are used- strings are steel wire wrapped with copper wire, sheep gut, or nylon - metals are There are two types of harps, pedal and non-pedal. It is one of the most complex/hardinstruments to play. Plucking the stringat different spots casue different noises.The harp was based off a weapon. Played with 4 fingers. 47 differentlength strings. The sound of the harp can not beamplified. The way to make a harp louder a harp plug or microphone hasto be put closer or farther away from the harp to change noise level.
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