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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 THE JAZZ AGE (1920'S) INFLUENTIAL JAZZ ENTERTAINERS IN THE 1920'S F. SCOTT FITZGERALDLOUIS ARMSTRONGBESSIE SMITHDUKE ELLINGTON THEY'RE MOST FAMOUS WORKS Books: The Great Gatsby, Tender is the Night, This Side of Paradise, Songs: When the Saints go Marching In, Mack the Knife, Hello, Dolly! Songs: Down Hearted Blues, Baby won't you please Come Home, Empty Bed Blues Songs: It Don't mean a Thing, Mood Indigo, Caravan WAYS THE JAZZ AGE IMPACTED SOCIETY WAYS THE JAZZ AGE IMPACTED SOCIETY AFRICAN AMERICANS- Most people credit the impact of the Jazz Age to African Americans.When the music was being played,Jazz was played more frequently on the radio with the singers being African American more than White American. The Jazz Age was most popular in major cities like Chicago and New York.In places like that there are more free willed Americans and everyone just plays and sings on the streets. They had gotten more attention there with their music. WOMEN- The Jazz Age impacted the way that women were treated and the way that they thought of themselvesMany women's wardrobes changed after this movement. They wanted to make a statement and to be heard.They wanted to matter. So that is when the Flappers started to become popular. Many people think that Flappers were not a good representation of women,before this movement all women were very modest everywhere they were.Then after this they could have a choice on how they represented themselves and the people they were around RADIO- Everyone had owned a radio in this day in age, that's why I was referred as the "Sound Factory", so there was not one person in the US that had not heard the new Jazz Age and how much it impacted everyday life.You basically could not hide from this new movement.Aso, dancing became very popular and the new activity that everyone wanted to participate in.
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