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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 English 6 periodGrace GallagherInfographic E-PAPERCHARGE LEVEL [100%] A Stolen Life: A Memoir JAYCEE'S RETURN HOME WITH HER DAUGHTERS Taken Her family had moved from Orange County to Tahoe in 1990. Jaycee was walking to school when her kidnappers stun gunned her and dragged her into the car. Jaycees childhood and family Jaycee only used a bucket for the bathroom. About a month and half later she was moved into a larger room with a bed. Her kidnapper, Phillip, would go on "runs" after taking meth and take advantage of her in many ways. Seven months in she was introduced to his wife Nancy who would bring stuffed animals. They would give and take away pets from her including cats and birds. The first few months living in her kidnappers home Her kidnappers take her on her way to school Jaycee was born and lived with her mom, step-dad(Carl), and sister in South Lake Tahoe. 34 months into her kidnapping, the kidnappers, Garridos, told Jaycee they believed she was pregnant. At this time they gave her freedom without handcuffs. She had her babyon August 18, 1994 at 14 and her second child on November 13, 1997 at 17. The Garridos tell Jaycee to tell peoplethat Nancy is her and her daughters mother. They use this story and soon interact with people outside their house. Jaycee enjoyed working in thegarden and teaching her girls.She worked as a graphic artists talking to customersbut never implying her real identity or abduction. Nancy soon becomes their "mom" and Jaycee changes her name to Allissa. New parole officers for Phillip come in and check on hisdrug intake. Phillip sentenced to 431 years to life and Nancy 36 years to life 1991 1991 - 2009 Jaycee raises her daughters Jaycee Is THEME: HOPE Jaycee was taken into a small room where she lived in hand cuffs for a couple weeks. Her kidnapper raped her multiple times . He would try to comfort her after with jokes and a kitten. Jaycee Dugard TIMELINE The officers came to their house and retrieved the girls. Jaycee suffered from Stokholm Syndrome and praised Phillip saying he was a changed man. On August 24, 2009 Phillip took Jaycee's daughters to the FBI and UC Berkeley for a meeting. The staff at Berkeley noticed odd behaviour in the girls The man brings her to his home and shows her the basement she will stay in New hope is around the corner for Jaycee and her girls KIDNAPPERS TO JUSTICE END OF THE LONG WAIT FAMILIES REUNITED HOPE RESTORED Carl had seen the abduction and tried to catch the van using a bike, but failed. A few classmates had also witnessed. Nancy takes Jaycee out to do errands more often I don't believe in hate. To me it wastes too much time. People who hate waste so much of their life hating that they miss out on all the other stuff out here. -Jaycee Dugard Favorite Quote "When he is not hurting me. He likes to make me laugh." -Jaycee Dugard on Phillip "very jealous of me for some reason, like I wanted her husband to rape me, very jealous, and sick." -Jaycee Dugard on Nancy
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