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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 1990 3.2 million 1996 2.6 million 2006 2.4 million 2012 2.8 million Varroa mites are one of the most things found in hives with Colony Collapse Disorder so it might be the reason but we don't have full proof. Possible reasons for CCD Number of bees1990-2012 Pesticides are also one of the reasons that might be killing our bees.It might be getting in the hives and hurting them. Stress and moving around might be causing damage to their hives or to them. Possible solutions Colony Collapse Disorder A hive Varroa mite We could ban pesticide use for all beekeepers or get a strict law for beekeepers so that they take care of all the bees and not expose them to diseases like varroa mite and Colony Collapse Disorder. We could get extreme beekeeping training for people that want to be a beekeeper so that new beekeepers aren't making mistakes that might cause the Colony Collapse Disorder Sources: and USDA ( United States Department of Agriculture ). With varroa mites Without varroa mites Bees are one of the most important animals in the ecosystem. They are one of the few pollinators out there and they also produce lots of honey for our wants and needs. If they die prices will rise up for things that bees pollinate. We would also lose all of our broccoli and almonds. Some scientist even think we will die within 3-4 years of the bees extinction Bad beekeepers are also one of the reasons some bee hives are dying. They are not taking good care of their bee hives therefore, causing damage to honey bee hives
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