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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Scientific Experiment on prisoners. By: Jared Harvey Who? Who? Physicians from the German air force and from German Experimental Institution for Aviation. The German physicians conducted a very pain full and commonly deadly experiment on the thousand of prisoners with out there yes. They had a lot of different experiment but the most common one was Hypothermia, they would take prisoners to a low pressure chamber and determine the maximum altitude which crews from damaged aircraft could go to safety at. The other experiment was finding an effective treatment for Hypothermia. The last one was they also had prisoners helping them make sea water potable. What was the issue? During world war 2. When? 21 countries in Europe. Where? The physicians were trying to find a cure for things. Like Carl Vaernet he conducted experiments on prisoner homosexuals to try to cure their homosexuality. Why? They would take prisoners from jails and without their consent they would start performing test on them and most of the test were deadly, and permanent disability. Back then they use to call is medical torture. How? It affected most of the prisoners because they would be the ones having to do the experiment even when they did not want too. Also affected people's lifes because it was basically murder. Who did it effect? A lot of importance because they were abusing science. Level of importance. We can learn from this because this is basically showing how much stuff happened back then and how they treated prisoners. I also think my sources were right because they offered a lot of information and they werent really different from other websites. How can we learn from this and how do you know your sources are credible?
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