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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 start from scratch[clears the canvas] Japaneses Business Etiquette Gift Giving Etiquette The action of gift giving is more important than the gift iteself.Receive and accept gifts with both hand open.If someone gives you a gift refuse the first couple times but accept the third. Giving expensive gifts are common. Personal Habits Avoid putting your hands in your pockets.Avoid pointing fingers to make a point. Always accept invitations to the home of another. Always remove your shoes before entering another person's house. Business Cards Business cards are a must have and they must be handled with care. A Japanese business man does not exist without quality business cards. Dining Etiquette Business Attire Men: less formal, however attire changes as the seasons do.In the fall and winter dark suits are worn, whereas in the spring and summer grey suits are worn.NEVER wear black suits because they are worn at funerals. Women: Japanese women wear seasonal high quality brands usually long skirts and trouser suits with short hair.High-heels, short skirts, and jewelry are usually prohibited. Greeting Etiquette Always bow even when speaking on the phone.When greeting display no emotion.Private life is kept private.Always greet people with their last name and say "san" after. By: Mustafa Hashmi, Alison Tzianabos Do not point chopsticks at another dish or another person.Do not stab food with your chopsticks. Do not suck sauce off your chopsticks.Slurping soup shows you are enjoying your meal.
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