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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Renaissance EuropeThe development of our Western World view Humanism Humanism is to value other peoples thoughts values, abilities and individual worth. Humanism changed the way people view the world then and now. The Silk Road The silk road was a road that was used for trade between mostly Europe and Asia.The road helped trade spices and goods to other countries and when people came they brought their culture and way of thinking with them. Which spread in different partsof the world. Religon The black death changed the way people viewed the world because even the religious people died .Religion changed a lot during during the renaissance because before the church had controlled the religion. People started when wondering how thinks work and the sciencebehind them. Socail mobility Art Science People started wondering how the worlds works and the science behind them.Galileo Galilie an astronomerfound out that the earth movesaround the earth not the other wayaround. Technology . In the Renaissance social mobility increased because now you couldmore free to go up or down in status before the Renaissance if you were born rich you would stay rich, born poor you would stay poor.This is important because if you deserve better you go up. Education In the Renaissance education was encouragedbecause now books were cheaper because of the printing press was invented. Also people wanted to learn more about the world. Art changed a lot in renaissance, people started making more realisticportraits. People also started signing their work so people can know who created it. Before the Renaissance people didn't sign their portraits because they knew that God knows who made them andthey were based on religion but even inthe Renaissance there were some religious paintings. Leonardo da vinci created a paintingcalled the last supper which is about religion and created the Mona Lisa Not all the artist focused on religion thou some did.Art changed the way people view and viewedthe world. Technology had advanced a lot during the Renaissance. The biggest invention was probablythe printing press because it helpedliterature spread and ideas of the Renaissance. This encouraged education. Ali.siddiqi 8-15
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