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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Jarkata has the population of 10.2 million and is located on the northwest coast of Java The rise of mega cities came from people living in rural areas. The people moved from the rural areas becuase the urbanised cities had more facilities. Many people now live in the urban areas including immagrants which migrate from there country to live in the urban cities this is called urban migrants. An urban spral happens when more people are entering the megacity then there are leaving them. This is how megacities came to existence Jakarta double click to change this title text! Jakarta has 6 million cars on the road and traffic congestions have gotten worse. Jakarta water supplies have been minimal for the growing city and many people have been getting water from bores. Due to this the land has began sinking in this is one of jarkatas enviromental issues Jakarta has many migrants coming to jakarta and living in the urban slums. Because of these people living in the urban slums the space and living conditions of these slums have resulted in air pollution all around making things toxic, river polution has caused there fish farms to deplete and many people only get 1 dollar to sustain and buy food on. Many people live in the houses made out of the dump and space is getting lower and lower meaning more people are crowded in there slums. The area is very unpleasant and many people only live to there 40's but even then more children are being born into the slums then there are people dieing. Jakarta's population has increased and will continue to uprise because more people are coming into Jakarta then there are coming out. The people of Jakarta have polluted there river and are at a lack of water for their on growing city. Because of the people constanly drying out the rivers they are now building bores to collect waterbecause of this the land is continuing to sink in. The people living in the urban slums have illness and most have ichy skin and can not digest food properly. Many strave or have 1 meal a day which isent suitable for there growing youth.
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