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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 12 Step Design Process JacobWivell STEP 1To start The Design Process, you need to address the problems or ask questions related to the problem starting with words like who, what, when, where or why. Step 2When trying to solve the problem you need to brain storm ideas and design out or sketch your ideas that are related to the problem. Step 3This part of the design process is when you have to do a background check or researching how people dealt with your same situation. Step 4Next you should evaluate your product, meaning you should elaborate on what your product does, has, if it runs on a certain battery or liquid, so what information or details does your product have. Step 5Not every problem has one solution, so you should keep multiple ways out to finish your product just in case your first option doesnt work. Step 6Going back to step 5, you want to keep multiple solutions , but here you want to pick the best solution you want to finish your product with. Step 7Here you want to show or tell how the product works, like drawing out a plan, listing materials and making a design or designs. Step 8Make a gantt chart, a gantt chart is a chart or data showing your time limit on when the product should be completed. Step 9Then your gonna test your product on a specific problem or see if your product works in a specific situation, after you should record your results on what the out come was when tested. Step 10After you record your data from your testing, you should improve or adjust your product to make it more efficient or so it has better results from its past test. Step 11Finally make a real final product meaning it passes all the test and it does what it says it does. Step 12Reveal the results of the whole process, meaning look over all your past work including problems and materials and see if it was good or bad.
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