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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 By: Jacob Drexel Hatten!!! By: Jacob Drexel Hatten!!! Ebola does not occur in a cretain place or climate,it occurs in places with a lack of clean water. The past ebola outbreaks have been in thethe DRC, Gabon, South Sudan,Ivory Coast, Uganda, the ROC, andSouth Africa. The latest ebola occurence has been in Uganda'swestern Kibaale District aboutthree weeks ago, but was confirmed only last friday. The symptoms are a suddenfever, muscle aches, weaknesssore throat, and a head ache.Which is followed by vommiting,diarrhea and a rash. As it progresses you may developbleeding in the internal organsand outside openings of the body. Ebola spreads throughthe bodily fluids. Providing intravenous fluids (IV)and balancing electrolytes.Maintaining oxygen status andblood pressure. Treating otherinfections if they occur. If allof these are used early thenit could increase chancesof survival exponentially. This is what ebola looks like. To stop the spread of the disease,the disease, the World HealthOrganization and the CDC have beenworking with the Governmentsof the affected countries to treatsick patients and contain thevirus. Apparently we know how to stop Ebola, by usingstrict infection control practicesthat are already widespread in American hospitals, alsoby stopping Ebola at the source(a.k.a: Africa). To help spread the word aboutEbola I could post a video We are fighting a war against Ebola. Sources:
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