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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Astrophysicist Career Description What a astrophysicits do is study and see the effects of planets not only in our solar system but in systems all over the universe. Education Requirements To become a astrophysicist you would certainly without a doubt would have to have a PhD from a big and out standinguniversity. It would probably take 6 plus years to get such a degreeand a extensive knowledge of the universe and its theories. The salary for a astrophysicistis 100,000 anually acordingto the bureau of labor statistics.As for the location of where they work the most common place to work is a university as a profesor or working for that university and they can even work for big government sponsered jobs like NASA Salary and Location of Job How it Relates This relates to my previous topic by having astrophysicistslooking at planets both close to us like mars, but planets that are very far away that could support silicon based life forms as statedin my previous paper. Astrophysicists are looking to the skies and everywhere to find the next biggest discovery and that could be silion based life forms in other planets that are out of this world. By Ivan Martinez A overview of a great astrophysicist Stephen Hawking Stephen Hawking has done a lot for the science comunnity with his ideas on the universe as a whole. He has many majorssome being ones in cosmologyand in physics. He earned his majors at the university of Oxford. Even though he came from a not that rich familly he excelled in science and he fell in love with it. He stays in the field of science because he loves it and wants to see what the universehas to hold. Citations
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