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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Picture 4 Picture 5 Picture 7 Picture 6 Picture 3 Picture 1 Picture 2 A few females are getting an examination by a doctor to complete their trip in coming to the United States. Liberty of Congress Prints. Female Immigrants at Ellis Island Having a Physical Examination. <>. Lots of Italians made it to New York and settled in crowded tenements. Juniper Gallery. Little Italy. <>. Men who are working in a coal mine to earn a living for themselves and all of their families back home. Jovina Coughlin. West Virginia Coal Mine Entrance. <> Five Italian immigrants sit outside of their crowded, small, and dirty tenement. Getty Images. Italian immigrants who sit outside of their tenement in New York City. <>. Italian workers pose for a picture with the first train on the railroad ever built. George Pozetta. Italian American Immigrant Laborers Pose with the first train on the Rensselaer & Pittsfeld Electric Railway. <>. A mother and kids scour out of Ellis Island to return to her husband in the United States. George Pozetta. An Italian Family Arrives at Ellis Island, New York. <>. An Italian family waits to go through Ellis Island to enter the United States legally. Arthur Hewitt. A Typical Italian Family. <>
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