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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Irish Potato 1845-1849 Famine -was a staple crop to Ireland becasueit was cheap- Over 3 million Irish peasants ate only potatoes along with oats and barley-7 million potatoes were consumed every year- The average working man consumed 13-14 pounds a day Ireland before the famine In September 1845 the potato plant becomes mysteriously rotted Why??? Ships from North Americabrought an airborne fungus (phytophthora infestans) that settled in the ground -Most land was owned by the upper -class English-only 25% of the population could read and write-Most people rented farms from rich, abusive landownersthat only wanted money and did not care about the people-Families lived in single room, windowless, mud cabins and slept on straw Charles Edward Trevelyan - Controlled the Irish relief efforts- Only visited Ireland once during the famine- Did not favor the Irish opinion- Set up a work program that resulted in so much confusion and anger that British troops were called in-Supplied Ireland with corn that was hard to digest and made the peasants sick POPULATION: 8,175,124 Relief Efforts.. POPULATION:6,552,385 -British Government used Laissez- Faire What little help Britain was supplying stopped as a result Kind of.. - Half a million peoplewere evicted and put on Coffin ships with fake promises of food, shelter, and clothing - Badly built and unseaworthy ships headed to Canada- Carried diseases - When people died they were thrown overboard Coffin Ships Effects -Over 2 million people died of starvation -Over 2 million immigrated to other countries - Life for Irish peasants did not get better There were other crops, like cabbage,but they were too expensive for peasants - It was the first timeIreland was affectedat one time
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