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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Before they could completely arrive to the united states most of the Irish immigrants traveled by boat with some other immigrants traveling to the same destination as they were for what reasoning they had, they were promised better working conditions, they wanted to practice their religion but also just to live the American dream. They wanted freedom that they haven't had before which had flooded many immigrants who wanted to go to the united states for many reasons. so for whatever that reason was to lead them to comeyou could imagine all the immigrants all at once in a rush to get into the united states all in one big boat but apparently that wasn't big enough.You had people smushed and clustered with shoulderto shoulder making as much room and space as they could but since people were so close to each other and sharedall kinds of gross stuff. We've had many people who caught very deadly diseases and viruses that spread very rapidly killing of live of people just before they could even reach their destination Just before they could go to the united states the Irish immigrants arrived at Ellis Island however when they do arrive to Ellis island they were detained for a day or more before being inspected although only about 2 percent of the Irish immigrants were denied of entry. But for to get entry you had to pass a physical examination by a doctor and with anyone with a serious health problem or with a contagious disease if any of those they were promptly sent home.But this was how the Irish immigrants settled in the united states after being questioned being to be determined whether they met thelegal requirements for entering the united states.
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