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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Harvard Medical School is over 55k a year, a large amount of money for the averageamerican to pay,so Kevin has to count cards to finance his expenses These casinos will still be making big profits even after their minuscule losses The casino'smoney losses willbe refunded intothe economy throughKevin's new job Kevin gaining a higher educationwill be more positive for society as a whole than the casino gaining more money These casinos are greedy multi-billion dollar industries "We're freedom fighters, Kevin. We liberate money from the hands of the oppressors. We're Robin Hood, and the casino is the sheriff." double click to change this title text! Initially, Kevin only gets involved in counting cards because it requires memoryand strategy and also involves mathematic equations. For example, the students had to remember a complex signaling system, "A bent right arm would tell him to double his bet. Both arms folded and he'd push most of his chips into the betting circle. Arms flat at her sides and he'ddrop down to the lowest possible bet." Counting cards is not technically illegal, "the law is pretty clear:As long as you don't alter the outcome of the game, or use a mechanical device such as a calculator or a computer, the worst they can legally do is throw you out." Regardless, since the money is being used for education anyway it is not immoral Counting Cards is not ImmoralIf the money is used for education A higher education is necessary in order to get a well paying job, which is what Kevin will pursue after counting cards
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