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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 LOGO HERE Hand Pump Bucket Barrel with Liner Clay Filter 55 gallon chemicalbarrel initially supplied to inhabitants.In the design it will be lined with a durable plastic liner to separatethe contaminated barrel from the filtered water. This clay filter is made of 50 parts mesh grog, 50 parts red clay, 10 parts water, and 10 parts activated carbon. It was fired and dipped in 175:1 colloidal silver. This bucket is the reciptical where water is first poured into to account for the amount andforce of water initially poured into the container. description here 31% description here description here description here description here 51% 11% 22% 14% Project Design double click to change this header text! Results Carmen-Rose Madiebo-Isabel Arias-Gina Qualter-Travis Mitchell-Sandra Tobias A pump lined with a carbon filter runsthrough the center of the bucket to filter additional contaminants.Water will be released through the attached hose. Styrofoam is placed between the two buckets to createbuoyancy and prevent contact between them. Proposed Results - Instructors: Dr. Omar S. Khalil, Ph.D., Affiliated Research Professor, IIT. Hanna Korel, Affiliated Professor, IIT.- External References: Development of ceramic water filter for Nepal by R.W Dies, Pictures Courtesy of MEDLIFE IIT, MEDLIFE.ORG.- External Collaborators: John Welin, Prototyping Manager, Idea Shop at Illinois Institute of Technology. Penguin Pottery. Cost Analysis Acknowledgements Total Cost $21.16 Cost of Materials 2-Year Net Expeditures Styrofoam Future Directions - To continue this IPRO in upcoming semesters and confirm if experimental results tally with proposed results.- To explore ceramic filtration with other chemical filtration methods, such as the use of chlorine dioxide and copper, to compare which overall filtration method is most effective and save to purify water for Pamplona Alta inhabitants.- To provide a pottery contact base for future IPROs interested in our line of work (ceramic filtration).
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