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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Android vs DESIGN - Better quality.- More responsive.- More effective in low-light.- Can create time-lapse videos. - More expensive than Androids.- When comparing two top spec phones, there's not much difference. - The newest iphone (iphone 6) costs around £539. - Runs its own software, alongside IOS. - Content is controlled by Apple.- Difficult to upload/install own or third-party content. - Latest software: IOS 8. - Closely linked with itunes - easier to download and organise music. - More apps to choose from in the app store than in Google play.- Shop online easily by scanning your card. Iphone - 'Google Now' anticipates what you need based on data collected from you.- Most androids have bigger screens.- On-board fitness tracking apps and feat- ures. MAJOR FEATURES - Has improved significantly. - Easy to upload/install own or third-party content. - Latest software: Lollipop 5.0 IOS - More personalised and customisable.- Now has clear interface.- Can install different widgets, skins and third-party apps.- Not as tidy as IOS 8. - Cheaper than iphones. - Prices vary for different handsets and specs. - The most popular high spec hand- set is the Samsung S5 at around £480. IOS CAMERA SOFTWARE PRICE Both Iphone and Android devices offer some great features, but when it comes to choosing between the two - it's pretty tough. Let us make it easier for you. (without the tech jargon) - Always had the same layout and design.- Simplistic and easy to use.- Tidy-looking and organised.- Unable to change layout. - More creative capabilities, filters etc.- Plentiful options for managing and editing photos.- Can install third party apps that will connect to the camera. Brought to you by number-direct 2015
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