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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 By Emily Freedman Five artifacts of the 19th Century. How is pudding important JJ Thomson drew out his own design of the atom and with his cathode ray experiment he discovered the electron. CONSTRUIR EL INSTRUMENTODE RECOLECCION DE DATOS Id and ego In France especially, Absinthe affected the people by creating giving them an option of escape from hard times, and it also was an inspiration so new art such as impressionism and modernism. New Age New Drinks "The Id and the Ego"by Sigmund Freud is an important artifactin history due to hisphycological analysis.He stated that the reason a person is able to decide what theyshould do and what they want to do unlikeanimals is because we have something called an ego and super ego;while animals only rely on the id, the most basic form of a mental state. Darwin and Ripples Darwin studied animals and their adaptationsthat varied throughout location and predisposition.He led to the inspiration of european domination andcaused a mass exodus/questioning in the church. Impressionism was an art in reaction to realism and the ugliness of theindustrial revolution. Degas epitomized impressionism by showing people something not every class could see, dancing. Dancing
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