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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 How did innovations during the Industrial Revolution change daily life pasteurization Before The Change After Before pasteurization was discovered by louis pasteur food spoiled really easy especially wine and this caused France to lose money. He stated that organismsand microorganism weren't visible to the naked eye. With this he tested thingsand came up with pasteurization. Before The Change After Steam Engine Since France was going to lose money because of spoiled wine a scientist named Louis Pasteur came up with the idea of pasteurizationPasteurization is the process of gently heating wine to kill all the microorganisms and then cooling it down Before the steam engine was invented miners had to take water out of the mines manually and now they can use a steam engine to pump water outof the mines so its not dangerous James Watts came up with the steam engine when he was sent to repair an old steam engine for thomas Newcomen. With this he came up with a moremodified steam engine. The steam engine was a great invention because it increased theproduction rate in factories. By the 1800s about 500 of James Watts steam engines were sold. People were afraid that this would take theirjob. It also helped in transportation because the steam enginehelped power steam boats and locomotives The invention of pasteurization helped France get more moneyand people didnt have to worry about spoiled wine or food. Light Bulb Before The Change After Before the electric light bulb was invented there was the arc lighthe thought that these were dangerous because they gave off fumes,they were too bright and burnt out after a short period of time. Thomas edison and a group of scientist came up with the idea of the incandescent light bulb. After this he opened a company to distribute power to the masses.His invention made other things possible like powering electricirons, fans, motors and refirigerators
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