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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Invasive Species: Gray Squirrel (Sciurus carolinensis) these rodents are absolutely dispised in Britain for theycarry a deadly contagiousdisease called squirrel pox. This disease is both armful to squirrels and humans it can cause inflammationof the throat and eyes and can lead to death. Squirrels can also contract rabies and go crazy and could possibly bite a human. grey squrriels are adapting to our climate and environmentsthey are doing more damage than you think they aredestroying trees. Anthony Allegrini These squirrels are destroying our ecosystem when they have nothing to eat or they just will they have caused irreparable damage to many broadleaved trees such as berch, oak, sycamore and Norway spruce trees. I think the gray squirrels will have the same impact on us as they do now as they will in the future because our medicines will improve as we go on so we can cure humans, squirrels, and other animals. These animals ruin our domestic property and our gardens they raid birds nests to prey on eggs and baby birds so they are invading birds as well not just us. Works Cited: Google Images Works Cited: The gray squirrel originated in Britain but like most other invasive rodents the squirrel made its way over To the U.S. by hitching a ride on a boat so now this little bringer of hell is both of our problems now they slowly weaken our ecosystem by ripping apart trees and bringing a disease called squirrel pox its very harmful to humans other animals and even other squirrels
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