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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 When going into 6th Grade there will most likely be more bullying then there was in elementary school. If you ever see someonegetting bullied you should tell an adult or a trusted adviser, don'tjust stand by and watch. 2 Bullying can be:-Teasing-Talking about hurting someone-Spreading rumors-Leaving kids out on purpose-Attacking someone by hitting them or yelling at them. Bullying Intro To 6th Grade How To Open Lockers Opening lockers can seem easy but a lot people have troublewhen trying to open them. Don't feel embarrassed orashamed that you can't open you locker. If you have never used a lock before then I recommend that when openingyou locker you should always start at 0. First, you spin it tothe right and pass 0 twice then land on your first number.Next, you turn it to the left and pass 0 once and then land on your number. For the last number, you justspin the lock to the right and land on your last number. And always keep your locker organized or else youwill just waste time in between classes and be late. Finding Your Way Around The School Finding your way around the school can be really difficultat times. And we really don't have maps of the schoolhanging up on the walls all over the school. My advice to you is to go to the school before the school year starts and sort of just walk around and memorize whereall you classes are and if you can't memorize where they are you can find a friend from each of your classes and walk with them to your next class. Or you can just ask a teacher because they will most likely knowand you can almost always find one standing outside of a classroom. Scheduling Always be aware of what class you are going to next.Youshould memorize you schedule so you don't forget. Or you could take a picture of your scheduleand set it as your background for your phone or you can print it out and attach it to your binders.Not knowing what class you are going to next could really damage your school life and mess upyour grades. Going to a new school can bereally tough, especially forsomeone who is used to going to asmall school and never really learnedhow to read or use a schedule, opena locker, or find your way around a really big school. Using these tipsmay be really help you when goinginto middle school.
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