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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Objective Summary Plot Theme: Setting Character Into The Still Blue People will over come hard challenges when faced with a reward worth the work. This book is in the outside near an ocean. The sky always has a storm called an aether that hold the people in constant fear of it tacticsThey go to the still blue where there is no ether storms at all to liveThey had to overcome the challengeof going through the aether wall. The Outsiders and Dweller both want to get to the still blue so the will be free of the threat of the aether storms.The Still blue is protected bythe aether wall so the have cinder who can controll the ether get them through. The Beginning is when Cinder is kindnapped for his power to control the aether storm. Sable and Hess have teamed up to use Cinder to get them through the aether wall. The Middle is when Perry, Aria and a crew go tothere camp to save Cinder. They are taken into aholding sell when they are seen and pressure Cinder into saving them by getting them through the aether wall.In the end the crew escapes with Cinder and go back to there camp. Cinder helps the Tides (name of there group) get across the aether wall and they start a new life there which proves how you can overcome hard challenges when faced with a reward worth the work Protagonist: Perry, Aria, and RoarAntagonist: Hess and SableThe characters have each over come hard challenges to reach a reward.Perry overcame Hess and Sable to keep the people he loved safe.Aria found a way to escapethe camp to get to the still blue.Roar got over losing his girlfriendto not lose the friends he has.
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