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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Should I wear nice clothes? So you got an interview: Now what? If your previous co-workers were here, what would they say about you? Find out information about the place you are applying to? Congrats!! You just finish your interview! Make sure to give your employer a valid phone number and email. YES YES Where else have you applied? What motivates you to do a good job? OR Always look into what you are applying for. What's your biggest weakness? Be careful not to put yourself down to much but always say you will do better. What relevant experience do you have? List any achievements or special notices you have received. YES YES Why are you looking (or why did you leave your last job)? Have you done anything to further your experience? Why are you looking (or why did you leave you last job)? NO Not a good idea. Your chances are slim. Have an idea of what I may be asked YES What do you know about this company? This is often asked in an interview. YES This could be the make or break question so think before you answer and remember how you planned to answer it. Think about everything they could ask and how you would respond? If you do, don't forget to mention it. If you don't talk about volunteering. What's your greatest strength? So, tell me a little about yourself. Be polite and smile?
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