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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 A search engine connects you to the webSome rank searches by popularity: Google, BingSome are considered META searches which use multiple databases: dogpile, mammaSome are subject directories, designed by humans and listing with criteria such as: best, favorites, trendingPortals are stylized directories that are also commercialized: MSN, YahooLibrary gateways have been reviewed and assembled by people: Academic information, Digital Librarian, Internet Public LibrarySubject specific sites: expedia, imdb, webMDOnce you've decided upon a site which links you to the information you access the most, you can make it your "homepage" meaning your web page will open to that every time.URL and domain names can identify the useweb is normally commercial web is normally a network or organizationweb is normally educational web is normally restricted to professionalsweb is normally a government or military site web is normally used by individualsWhen you search: M-O-N-E-Y will give a multitude of answers or "hits"foreign money will define all types and doesn't define which is considered foreign"value of the EURO" limits the search to only those three wordsEuro and Dollar or Euro + Dollar will combine the words and further limitEURO exchange rate will result in applications for money conversionsChamberlain, E. (n.d.). Bare Bones 101: A basic tutorial on searching the web. Retrieved January 24, 2015, from Internetsome basics
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