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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Shealyn Palm How the internet impacts teens to do drugs? How the internet impacts teens to do drugs? Since $25 billion is spent each year to advertise Tobacco and Alcohol, which persuades teens thatit should be okay to use. For example, teens watch YouTube daily, and a lot of alcohol commercials are played on many channels, which can influence young children who watch those channels. Not only are drugs and alcohol advertised on YouTube, they are also in movies,which can advertise the illegal drugs and medical drugs that should only be usedfor patients who are prescribed that drug by their doctor. No teen should take in a medical drug until talking to an adult first. Many people against drugs, recommend that children at a young ageshouldn't be exposed to the PG-13 and rated R movies to help prevent the drug/alcohol use in the future. On the media, many teens give a second thought to drugs and alcoholwhen they see their friends and family doing drugs, which aren't recommended by doctors. Teens should put more than another thought into drugs and alcohol, because their friendscould be misusing the drugs or alcohol, which could totally influence teens to do drugs thatway, which could influence their lives, and most likely kill them if they keep misusing the drugs. Teens should really think about drugs carefully, before making the decision to start and become addicted, which could lead to a fatal death. drugs and alcohol should I try it? BE CAREFUL!!
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