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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 insane athletes what do you do when you get injured in a sports game? you usually sit on the sideline and ice it or something,right? well these people didnt. torn scrodum Wayne Shelford is a rugby player who came out of New Zealand. Now as you probably should know, rugby is for full grown men who enjoy hurting people, but the thing that happened to Shelford, would make themanliest men sit in a corner and whimper. He was in a scrum and went for the ball, when suddenly someone stepped on him and everything came loose..... literally. He ripped his scrodum and everything fell out.He went and got it stitched up, where they taped it and put it on tv for all of australia to watch, and afterhe got it stitched he finished the game. blind super bowl mvp Terrell Davis was a running back for the Denver Broncos in 1998 who was considered one of the best to ever play the sport of American football. he was the player who scored the first and the last touchdown of the super bowl.... when he was partially blind. during the game he was going for a first down when he was tackled with an illegal hit to the head by a linebacker, which gave him a concussion. when he walked to the sideline he went blind, so he told the coach who then took him to the locker room to check him out. when he could see a couple feet in front of him he returned to the game and scored two more touchdowns, breaking the record for most touchdowns scored by one player in the super bowl. corner back loses finger during game Ronnie Lott was a hard hitting corner back for the San Francisco 49ers in 1989 who was the best in the NFL at the time and might still be. in 89' the 49ers played against the Dallas Cowboys when Lott went in to tackle the running backwho ran into him helmet first and smashed Lott's finger. He went over to the sideline to get his finger checked out and it was a gruesome scene. there was blood everywhere. the trainer couldn't save the finger so they had to cut it offright then and there. after they cut it off Lott taped it up and played the rest of the game. dead soccer player Anthony Van Loo was playing for the italy soccer team when out of nowhere he collapsed and died. immediately when it happened his team new what just happened. Van Loo had a heart problem and the coach knew, but let him keep playing. when the EMTs got there he asked if he could return to the game, but they obviously wouldnt let him cut jugular Clint Malarchuk was a goalie for the St. Louis Blues hockey team. one game he was getting ready to block a shot when someone ran him over with there skates. they cut his jugular and Malarchuk lay there bleeding out. when the refereessaw what had happened they were in awe. he covered the wound with a towel and skated off so his mother, who waswatching the game at home, wouldn't watch him ambulance came and drove him to the nearest hospital. 90minutes and 300 stitches later he was back in the rink.
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