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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 A lot of itdepends on whatthe person specializes inas a doctor. A orthopedicsurgeon can make up to413,000 a year Chiropractor Vs. Doctor Chiropractic treatment vs Doctors The average amount of moneya general surgeon makesis around $295,000. Average amount made bya chiropractor In some cases chiropractors are not considered doctors. In college they receive what is called their "Doctor of Chiropractic" This is going to show the difference between a Doctor and a Chiroprctor The average amount a Chiropractormakes is around $140,000 a year The average amount of moneythat a doctor makes For a chiropractor a lot of it depends on where the practice islocated at. The size of the citymakes a difference Doctors - they have an extensiveknowledge of general medicine, psychiatric, neurological and manymore. Chiropractors - adjustments are made ranging from soft tissue mobilization to joint adjustments. Electrical stimulation.Acupuncture and pain management. Resources - For the most part, studies show that athletes tend to see a chiropractor before a doctor due tothe fact that he can only do somuch for them. Chiropractorswork more into the muscle side ofthings which tends to be most injuries athletes face. Surgery on the other hand is for an Orthopedicdoctor to take care of.
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