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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Idea In this first phase, we start the initial process of exploring ideas and concepts to head us in the right direction Demographic study Ideation Ideation is visual thinking.In this phase we explore ideas visually through sketching to get a feel for the form and function of the product in question. After this phase we start to find a direction that makes sense and is on trackwith our desired idea. Concept After the ideation phase we start to choose designs that best fit the project. Now we can begin refinement on selected designs to further develop them. In this phase we narrow down our choices and continue the refinement phase. Sometimes study models are made to further explore functions and mechanics Design Process Geogrophy Prototype In this phase we can startto make study models andmore refined and detailedmodels to understand the form and function in 3D. Sometimes a realistic andfunctional prototype is required and sometimes a digital 3D model will do. Refinement Refinement can carry over to multiple phases. Sometimes it is revisited many times over Engineering There are happenings that go on between these two phases. Sometimes after engineering the functions the prototype phase and even the concept phase may be revisited Things to keep in mind during this process Sustainability Innovation Style Creativity and innovationBeautiful things work betterExplore all possibilities keep it simple don't over think it be aware of deadlinesSketch Sketch moreTake a breakconsider your demographic Improvise Fail oftenlet limitations drive innovationseek criticism Production & Manufacturing To the Consumer Repeat Process
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