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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Absence/Holiday management According to industry reports mismanaged absence can cost companies more than 8% of payroll. Our tools analyses metrics and gets the statistics. You get the solution specifically made for your companies data which helps you get the best results. 62% companies reported saving costs on T&E after switching to cloud based applications ,72% of those companies recovered their costs of migration in less than 2 years. Surveys even show that by next year ,i.e 2016 82 percent of the companies would have shifted to cloud based T&E management tools. Travel Management Resource Scheduling Collaboration tools help flatten the obstacles to communication, enabling organizations to access talent across the state, country, and world without relying entirely on co-location.Our web based platform helps you in making data-driven decisions ,improve resource and project portfolio decisions instead of guessing over who has capacity to manage on additional work. In 2014, better collaboration tools will improve the way teams work and support greater distances as companies realize the time and resources that they can save. A resource scheduling tool helps to allocate the correct individual with the right skills almost twice as fast compared to the manual ways. Source : The new AWBS web application allows a user to plan their travel and request approval from their manager online. This automation reduces manual intervention making you save time and money. Source : Source : Our innovation center plays a vital role in enabling us to constantly challenge the status quo and discover new innovative products that make our service more efficient and seamlessly integrate them into the existing service. We use our experience in the industry and our global reach to uncover products that are the next big thing of an industry and deliver them to our customer even before the competition recognizes the need or realize the usefulness.
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