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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Embedded Capability and Innovation Development 1 2 3 4 CLEARDEF Redefining the Digital Signage Era GENIE-FI DIGITAL SCOREBOARD The Magical Oil Lamp... Remote Patient ECG monitoring System... CLEARDEF GENIE-FI DIGITAL SCOREBOARD WEARABLE ECG Experiencing sports in technological aspects... Overview: Overview: Business Benefit: Overview: Genie-Fi is one of Virtusas revolutionary designs where tradition and technology come together. Technology: By touching the wicks of thelamp image on the android tablet will light up the wicks of the real oil lamp, wirelessly. Donated the Digital Scoreboard ControlSoftware and a PC to 54th division of the Sri Lanka Army by which Virtusa helped civilians to gain experience in high technological aspects Organization has become a part of a worthy cause in facilitating sportsfor the civilians in Mannar. Digital signage is the distribution and playback of content on displays, delivering the richest, most viewer-targeted campaigns in a highly accountable way which is easily integrated with other media. Ceylon Chamber of Commerce Sri Lankan Airlines Overview: Potential Clients: Troubleshooting of a wearable remoteECG monitoring system, which comprisesof the wearable ECG device hardware, mobile application and back-end server. Business image of health care side ofVirtusa will be enhanced. WEARABLE ECG
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