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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 My Drug is: Inhalants These are all inhalants drugs legal drug or illegal drug. they are illegal because people use them the bad way. Different forms of my drugs are:LIQUIDS that vaporize at room temperatures. These are found in numerous easily available household and industrial products including paintthinners, gasoline, glues, correction fluids and felt-tip marker fluids.SPRAYS such as spray paints, deodorant and hair sprays, vegetable oil sprays for cooking and fabric protector sprays. short term effects on the body are:Lack of energyRisk-taking behaviorLightheadednessLack of concern about surroundings or lifePoor judgmentInability to function in school, work, or social situationsSlurred speechPoor reflexesMuscle weaknessHeadachePoor coordinationNausea and vomitingSudden death long term effects are:WithdrawalUnwanted weight lossMuscle weaknessPoor coordinationDepressionLost sense of touchBlindnessBone marrow injuryHeart damageLung damageLiver damage, including cirrhosisKidney damageDamaged nerve cells Brain shrinkage Street names are:Air blast term for inhalantsBagging using inhalantsBang to inject inhalantsBullet bolt term for inhalantsHighball term for inhalantsHuffing to sniff inhalantGlading to use inhalant This is what people use to get high. what type of drug is it classified as:it is classified as a depressant what is it typically used for:it is used to get high, but some peopleuse it because they dont have nothing to do
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