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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Bullying · After demi Lovato's bullying, she felt depressed and started toself-harm and more to come.Bullies often look for victimswho can't to defend themselves.Many bullies are victims of bullying outside of school, at home, or from siblings. Because they are bullied, they have low self-esteem and negative feelings. · After an incident with bullying, both the bully and the victim feel awful about themselves which isn't good.· Physical bullying is most byboys and girls. The effects ofthe bullying can leave both physical and emotional scars · Bullying is a force of power over others that affect other people in a: social, physical, and emotional power and repeated acts of harm. · Bullying has name-calling; insults; making racist, sexist, or homophobic jokes, remarks, or teasing; abusive language; threats of violence; and offensive sayings· People bully other people because they feel jealous, want attention, or to feel the gain of power over others. Sometimes bullies have been bullied themselves and want to take out the anger on other people. Bullying causes the victim a difficult time ofsleeping. Sometimes bullying even leads up to suicide. Bullies sometimes bully people who are shy, quiet, in small individuals or those who dont have a group of friends. A persons race, sexuality, or physical appearance also causes bullying or teasing. Bullies look for victims who can't to defend themselves. Effects Effects Cause
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