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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 DATABASE INFO CORNER AND ARE GREAT TO LOOK AT WHAT IS A DATABASE ?? IMPORTANCE HOW TO OVERCOME ? - A collection of data- A set of data rules to manipulate data- A method to mold information into knowledge- A shared collection of logically related data designed to meet information needs of an organization - Efficient manipulation of large data sets.- Integration of multiple data sources- Cross links/ references to offer resources.- Manage incredible variety of information easily.- Data sharing facility- Data Consistency CHALLENGES FACE IN DATABASE DESIGN - Repetition of information - Provide erroneous info.- Fail to work properly- Database docummentation not up to date- Accumulate the load through complex design ,without changing pysical structure. - Eliminate redundant data ( storing the same data in more than one table ) .- Ensure data dependencies make sense.- Make sure that a table contains only data related to the primary key .- Database documentation will have to change again and again . Corresponding to physical structure and depending changes- Significant redesign and coding possibly required. REAL WORLD EXAMPLEOF DATABASE E-Business Database- Using oracle,Microsoft, to manage their databse transaction environment.- In addition, the function is for the customer service interactions , and capability of tying togather many business processes in single package.Health Care provider Database - Store information about each doctor working for them in many different states, and specific patients information also kept. - Doctors and nurses can browse information about their patients to write new prescriptions.
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