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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Helping with Human Trafficking 13% girls 66% women 9% boys 12% men Males/Boys Women/Girls RAISEAWARENESS VOLUNTEER TAKE ACTION You have to use all of the means at your disposal to raise awareness about the crime, its nature, causes and damage to victims - Education and knowledge of trafficking in persons among all members of society are key to beating human traffickers GET EDUCATED "I believe I am alive today because God watched over me all those nights on the streets. He kept a part of me untouched inside despite all the men and all the trauma I endured a part of me remained clean and whole. I call that part of me my soul.I choose to believe that I went through all that I did, so that today I can help others. If I can educate one person or give hope to one victim of trafficking, then I am doing my job and everything I went through was worth it. I choose to be a victor not a victim not just to survive, but to thrive. Today I tell my story whenever I can so I can help others." Excerpt BE ABOUT IT WRITE LETTERS ConclusionHuman trafficking will never completely end, but you can help. Raise awareness, get educated, take action, volunteer, and talk about it. There aren't the only ways this can be stopped.
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