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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Criminal Motives in U.S. RATIONAL CHOICE RATIONAL CHOICE MENTAL ILLNESS MENTAL ILLNESS ENVIRONMENT ENVIRONMENT DRUG ADDICTION DRUG ADDICTION PASSION:crimesout of love, or atleast what the offendersperceive as lovein the heat of the moment. ENVIRONMENT:The offenders learn from familymembers, friends, and peer groups in which crime is a normalized aspect of daily life PASSION PASSION RATIONAL CHOICE:the offenders actout of self-interest,they weigh out thepros and cons of taking action. MENTAL ILLNESS:The offenders are mentally unable to weigh out the consequences of their actions. DRUG ADDITION:The offenders are Drug addicted, they run out of money for the next fix,and commit crimes to obtain quick cash to purchase drugs Violent Crime Rates By States Top 5 Criminal Motives In 2013, the overall violent crime rate declined slightly from 26.1 to 23.2 victimizationsper 1,000 U.S.residents from 2012 to 2013, per the Justice Departments Bureau of Justice Statistics (BJS).The violent crime rate had declined for nearly two decades before increasing in 2011 and 2012.Florida(770), Maryland(770), New Mexico(740), Tennessee(717), and Nevada(638) are the most Criminal states. The United States is the world'sleader in incarcerationwith 2.2 million people currently in the nation's prisonsor jails a 500% increase over the last forty years.Changes in sentencing law and policy,not changes incrime rates, explain most of this increase. These trends have resulted in prison overcrowding and fiscal burdenson states to accommodate a rapidly expanding penalsystem, despite increasing evidence that large-scaleincarceration is not an effective means of achievingpublic safety. Source: Walmsley, R. (2013). World Population List, 10th Ed. Essex: International Centre for Prison Studies. Trends in U.S. Corrections
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