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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Intergrated Marketing Communications (IMC): The Evolution of IMC: During the 1980s, many companies began takinga broader perspective of marketing communications and they saw the need for a more stratgiec intergation ofpromotional tools. The decade was styled by rapiddevelopment of areas such as salespromotion, direct marketing and publicrelations. This began to challenge advertising's role as the dominant form of marketing communication. This was the beginning of integrated marketingcommunications. IMC is now a strategy that co-ordinates all the signals a company sends through the marketing mix. The marketing mix The 7 steps in a IMC plan: There are seven steps in the development of an IMC plan. These are as follows:1. Review the current marketing plan2.Analyse the promotional situation 3. Establish communication objectives 4.Determine the budget5.Develop IMC programme 6.Implement the IMC programme 7.Establish a process to monitor, evaluate and control the programme The marketing mix consists of four elements and it is set to achieve an advertisers objectives. The marketing mix involves the four Ps. These are Product, Price, Distribution and Communication.1. Product includes design and development, branding, packaging and maintenance. 2. Place (distribution) includes the channel used moving the product, market coverage and storage. 3.Price includes the price the product is offered, the psychological pricing, the pricelining and value determination 4.Promotion (communication) is personal selling, advertising, sales promotion, direct marketing, marketing, public relations, point of sell and packaging.
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