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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Function of Advertising: Function of advertising, the role of the media, and what makes an advert effective? Media is important in advertising. This is because of the way it helps a brand to develop brand loyalty. Also media creates the positioning a brand needs and promotes an image the brand wanted consumers to see. Another role of the media is it helps brands to send a message to a large audience. Different media can provide different modes and concepts for advertising. The role of the media: What makes an effective advertisement? Great adverts are effective when they work. These adverts deliver the message the advertiser intended and consumersrespond to this. Only the advertiser will know if the advert is effective and has reached the campaign objectives and if theadvert was worth the money. The advertisement must capture consumers attention, hold their interest, persuadeconsumers to change. 10 ways to create an effective advertisement:1. The advertisement is visual 2. The advertisement appeals to the right audience 3. The advertisement invites the consumer to the scene 4. The advertisement provides a reward5. The advertisement backs up the promise6. The advertisement presents a selling point in a logical way7. The advertisement talks person to person 8. The advertisement is easy to read9. The advertisement emphasizes the service not the source10. The advertisement reflects the brand's personality Advertising was created to help a company to sell something. This means that the ultimate goal of advertising is to increase a companys sells. In preparation for an advertising campaign, a more specific advertising goal is required to provide advertisers or advertising agencies to a certain direction regarding how the campaign will be produced. There are various advertising objectives targeting consumers, they can be largely generalized into the following eight areas:o To increase a brands awareness o To improve a brands attitudeo To provide a products information o To convert product concept o To establish a public opinion o To improve the advertisers or companys image o To inform other promotion strategies o To create a new fashion
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