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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Magazines: Types of Advertising: Internet: Direct Mail consists of leaflets, brochures,catalogues and lettersthat are mailed direct to people. There are certain mailing lists that send information to everyone and others where there are specialist lists. This is according to a person's job, their age or their income. Direct mail costs a lot of money, but advertising companies can be sure that they will reach their target audience. Magazines also appear nationally and are used by many national advertisers. The difference between newspapers and magazines is that they are read when people have time. Magazines can be kept for weeks and months. Magazines also have better printing and colour advertisements. This means that the audience can get a better feel of rate product that is being advertised. Internet advertising is becoming more important. Young people spend less time watching television and more time on the internet. The internet has the advantage of being available to everyone. Advertisements on the internet can range from banners to pop ups. Companies spend a lot of money on advertising and the majority is on a website for the product. Web users are often asked to fill out a form that asks them their daily routine, where they live, how old they are and how much they earn. This can be used at a disadvantage as there are a lot of unwanted e - mails. Large and colourful signs can easily catch the attention by people walking by. These advertisements are short and simpleso the audience can view them walking past. The main advertisements used for outdoor signs are posters, billboards and electronic displays. Advertisements can also be printedonto buildings. Electronic billboards have large displays where the advertisements can change quickly. Newspapers: Direct Mail: Newspapers are made up of advertisements. National newspapers are published daily and this means that new advertisements can be seen. These advertisements could be advertising the latest products or movies.Newspapers sell advertising space in all sections of the paper. This is so that product advertisements are placed appropriately.Display advertisements are posters that take up a full page. They have illustrations, headlines and information on a field. Outdoor Signs: Television: Television combines sound and moving images. Television advertising is one of the most expensive forms of advertising, but it reaches a wide audience. Advertisers buy time from television stations to broadcast their advertisements. At this time it is cheaper at time when fewer people watch television as in the early hours of the morning and it gets expensive in prime time evening shows. Sometimes advertisers pay a lot of money to get their advertisements onto television during special programmes. An example of this is the Olympic Games.
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