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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Code Talkers of World War 2 Code Talkers had to carry heavy radio equipment while storming beaches. Code Talkers are people (mostly Native Americans) who sent and received encoded messages during WW2. The Allied Forces needed Code Talkers because the Japanese (axis force) had intercepted radio transmissions sent by Allied Forces,and broken all the codes previously used by the U.S military. Native Americans served as regular soldiers as well. \. Culture Most Navajos went through a ceremony called a Blessing Way before going to war. The Blessing Way was suppose to give protection and good luck to the person.While at war, the person who went through the ceremony would sprinkle corn pollen on themselves and pray. In the Navajo culture, the dead were regarded as evil and if a Navajo died in a hogan the hogan was burned.You would think this would make Navajos on the battle field afraid of the dead all around them, but theynever showed any cowardice. All of the 500 native Americans passed boot camp,because they were accustomed to doing the exercises at home. They could easily jog for miles carrying heavy equipment, because they were used to going to a trading post far from their homes and bringing back whatever they bought themselves. About the Code -There were only about 500code talkers that served in WW2.That's about 1 to every 20,000soldiers Navajo Code Talker Navajo code talker Ira Hayeswas in the iconic flag raising at Iwo Jima Evan Coia The code talker vocabulary started with about 100 words and ended with much more (around 500) .It was the only code in history not broken by enemy forces.How the code worked was the code talker at a radio would speak a Navajo word into the radio,with a partner writing down what he says.The first letter of the Navajo word, translated to the English word, would be written down by the person receiving the message until then receiver had a full transmission. Also the code talker vocabulary would consist of words that represented a thing. For example, the word besh-lo (Navajo for iron fish), would be submarine.
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