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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 46% Identity Privacy Social media has become one of the most powerful resources in the world for people to connect to one another. We tend to jump in, sign up and add friends and connections at the speed of our data connections but how many of us actually pay attention to the safety and security of the information were sharing? Visibility You're profile is open to the public and can be easily found. Your profile can be used by someone else for illegal purposes or for bad intention. Open profiles have no privacy, which can lead to you being stalked. A closed profile is well hidden soit is not easily found. You can manage your friend list. You can decide who is allowedto follow or friend you. You are under a safer environment and only certain friends can see your posts, shares, etc. VS You are morelikely to be under an unsafe environment. Environment Visibility Privacy Environment Identity As a closed profile, oldfriends might not be able to find you nor able to know who you are. PRIVACY SETTINGS of social media users have their PROFILES PRIVATE set to 25% of Facebook usersdon't bother with Only 9% THIRD-PARTY teen socialmedia users say are 'very' concerned about accessing their data. Is your profile secure and private? Open Profile Closed Profile
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