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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Handling Urbanisation In Megacities Beijing Los Angeles The La city has a population of 3 857 799 but the greater metropolitan has a population of 12.8 million LA is located in south California on the pacific coast in the USA. Los Angeles I is home to over 140 countries who speak 224 languages ethnic comunities: * Koreatown, *Chinatown, *Thaitown, *Little Ethiopia, *Little Tokyo. *population made up of 49.6% males, 50.4% females. *The median resident age is 34.1 years. *75.3% of population in LA has education of highschool or higher.*12.2% of the population are unimploied. *LA city is 100% urban.*The estimated house value (2012) in LA is $421 700.*The estimated household income per capita (2012) is $26 391. Los Angeles builds outwards therefor there are less highrise buildings and more 1-2story buildings.The LA city dose not have slumshowever there is a high percentage of the population that is homeless. Northern tip of the North China plain, near the meeting point of the Xishan and Yanshan mountain ranges. Beijing has a population of 19 612 368. It is estimated that by 2020 it will be over 25 milllion and by 2050 it will be over 50 million. The major ethnic groups in beijing are:*Han Cinese (95.69%)*Manchu(1.84%)*Hui (1.74%)*Other (0.73%) On an average day Beijings air polution is 5 times heigher than the standerd of safety set out by the world trade organisation. * Beijing is the second largest city in china*beijing Gpd per capita $12 447*Average life expectancey 2011 81.12 years Beijing cannot build out any more it has to build up. It is Full of heighrise buildings. There are alot of heigh rise buildings.
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