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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Raw Scores ~def~A test score that has not been weighted, transformed, or statistically manipulated. The number of correct items the student obtained on a given test Example 18/20: 18 correct items out of 20 items. Percentile Ranks (percentiles) Scaled Scores ~def~a score indicating the percentage of people or scores that occur at or below a given score *Range from the lowest to the highest *Percentage correct on a test is not the same as the percentile rank Percentile rank is the percentage of how many people or scores that scored the same or less. Example If you have a percentile rank of 75 in a class, it means you scored as well as or better than 75 percent of students in the whole class. ~def~a conversion of a students raw score on a test to a common scale that allows for a numerical comparison between students Percentile rank is the percentage of how many people or scores that scored the same or less.*Are always very specific subtest of scores *Most often scaled scores range from 1-19 with a mean of 10. *Scaled score classification format1-3= developmental delay4-5= well below average6-7= low average8-12= average13-14= high average15-16= superior17-19= very superior Age Equivalent Scores Grade Equivalent Scores Standard Scores ~def~A very general score that is used to compare the performance of students at the same age as one another. Always given in years and months 11-5: eleven years and five months old. ~def~A very general score that I used to compare the performance of children in the same grade with one another. Given in grade and months 3.5: third grade for five months ~def~The score that has been transformed to fit a normal curve, with a mean and standard deviation that remain the same across one another. T-Scores Stanines Scores another way to express test performance T-scores have a mean of 50 and a standard deviation of 10The formula to calculate T-scores T=50+10z an abbreviation for standard ninesRange from 1-9Has a mean of 5 A standard deviation of 2
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