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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 2. HUMILITY ITEM NO. 003 1. PRAYERFUL description here lorem ipsum dolor sit amet,consectetur adipsicsing elit Humility means not being overconfident. It is saying that everyone is created by one God meaning that we are all equal. The significance of this is that it cultivates everyone to work together, since everyone is equal. When you are humble, you are able to listen, learn and decide what is better forthe people. This is because you dont think that personalideas are more superior. The former president of thiscountry is where we can learn how to be humble. Shekept on wanting to do things her way that people started todislike her. For highly effective Leadership Survival Training 4. BUILDING RELATIONS/ REPENTING Obedience is listening to what others have tosay. It is highly related to having faith and being humble. Thisis because when we are humble, we learn how to follow the suggestionsof others. When we are faithful, even in the hardest of times,we still are willing to follow Gods will. This is similar in becominga president. This is because he has to listen and have faith in the peoples decision and his own conscience to be able to makethe right choices. 3. OBEDIENCE Faith in God Faith in God is believing and loving and reconnecting with God. It is about giving all our whole heart to Him and sharing Gods word. It is about trusting God even in the most impossible moments. Part of Faith is also having challenges as you grow in love with God. Presently, it is seen when priest continuously pray for no RH bill even though it has been approved twice. GOOD QUALITIES Building relations means that we have to repent our mistakes. Thisis because we are imperfect.We commit mistakes. When we do, we destroy our relations with God and others. To bring everything back to normal, we must repent. This means that we have to say sorry and fix our relationship with others. Presently, the government usually does different projects for the peopleto be able to repent for the things that they did not achieve atpresent. 5. BRAVERY Bravery means to stand up for others when no one can do it.We do this because we need to stand up for the need of the people. Leaders must serve the people. He has to stand and fight. This can be related to Building Relations because if we connect to other people. We may know what the people want. To bring everything back to peace again. Prayer is the leadership quality of being able to be one with God in mind, spirit, heart and goal, which is to go back towards Him.It is very important in that God guides us to see our achievement and mistakes and help us to improve these. It is the core to the other leadership qualities e.g. from prayer, we are able humble to God by worshipping Him. It can be applied to the Philippines today by the RH bill. With prayer/ deep reflection, the government should know that the main cause of the countrys problem is not population, but people with no jobs. made by: Raymond Tycangco, Edrick Tan, Gavin Ong
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