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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 The Impact That The Baby Boomers Has On Canada Statistics Facts Specialists in Canada on average are 50.3 years old and family doctors are 48.1 years old. Since doctors are getting older they won't be able to hurry over to your house or emergency rooms making it harder to save your lives. Canada is depending mostly on immigrants for increasing the number of working adults. So working adults will be able to support the number of seniors in Canada. 2.5 million Canadians used more than one language at work. This will make current working adults and the next generations learn more languages to communicate with colleagues. By 2001, there were only 2.7 workers aged 20 to 33 for everyone 55+. But in 1981 it was 3.7. So we might abruptly lose a lot of medical workers making it a lot harder on working adults to take care of patients. Average age of medical specialists in 2001 was 45.6, now it's about 55 or more. Making the government / working adults have to get more immigrants to make sure we have medical specialists. 3.2 million people in the workforce were born outsideof the country. Canadian's could be fired due to it being cheaper to hire a immigrant. Boomers who are now between 37 and 55 are 47 percent of the workforce. Making it harder on young working adults to pay the bills due to seniority The government is lowing the price of medical school tuition fees. This effects upcoming working adults because they have a better chance of going to university and becoming a medical specialist. The average age of university professors is rising quickly and require a higher level of education.So upcoming working adults can't get a proper education. Computer related jobsincreased by 17 percent. Making a lot of baby boomers and working adults learn more about technology to continue, and acquire a job. The construction industry hasa large number of older workersand a smaller number ofyounger workers. This is happening because older workers can't afford to retire. Canadian workforce ages,while Canada's birthrate falls. The impact is younger/upcoming working adults can't find a job.
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